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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhotchpotchhotch‧potch /ˈhɒtʃpɒtʃ $ ˈhɑːtʃpɑːtʃ/ British English, hodgepodge American English noun [singular] informal  CARELESSDISORGANIZEDa number of things mixed up without sensible order or arrangement
Examples from the Corpus
hotchpotchIt is very much of a hotchpotch.Ape's final 115 votes are a not particularly appetizing hotchpotch.In particular Donal Lunny's assured production allows for moments of rain-washed clarity in what could've been a groggy hotchpotch.What an ill-organized, hotchpotch, casually assembled, patchwork life.
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