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hothousehot‧house1 /ˈhɒthaʊs $ ˈhɑːt-/ noun [countable]  1 DLGa heated building, usually made of glass, where delicate plants can grow greenhouse2 hothouse atmosphere/environment etc
Examples from the Corpus
hothousehothouse flowersLike Amy she may find the White House becomes a hothouse.In contrast, she was an oven, a hothouse for all manner of cultivations.For almost two weeks, Saigon was a hothouse that bred a combustion of burning chemicals and fuel.The manservant came in, cleared the empty plates and brought a great bowlful of pears and hothouse peaches.Why does Venus have a hellish hothouse of an atmosphere and the Moon have no atmosphere at all?He was cold, very cold despite the hothouse temperature of the atrium.The hothouse flowers gardenia and stephanotis had to be coaxed and nurtured into flowering for the posies and the bridegroom's buttonhole.
hothousehothouse2 verb [transitive]  to give a child a lot of education at a young age because you want them to be very good at something - often used to show disapproval Some parents hothouse their children by giving them educational toys when they are very young.
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