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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhotplatehot‧plate /ˈhɒtpleɪt $ ˈhɑːt-/ noun [countable]  DFCa metal surface, usually on a cooker, that can be heated so that you can cook a pan of food on it
Examples from the Corpus
hotplateThe controls are at waist level with simmer settings on all hotplate burners.The colour co-ordinated hotplate has been designed to keep cleaning to a minimum.A sealed hotplate means spills needn't mean disaster.Droplets of coffee sizzled on the hotplate.Already lines of recruits are filing past the hotplates to collect the Catering Corps' famous blend of humour and culinary excellence.Lighting up the hotplate is simplicity itself with Valor's unique Autolite ignition.The whole hotplate is designed for ease of cleaning.
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