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hotter/colder/better etc than ever

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhotter/colder/better etc than everhotter/colder/better etc than evereven hotter etc than before Last night’s show was better than ever. ever
Examples from the Corpus
hotter/colder/better etc than everHe says the new films are better than ever.Organised by the Alton and District Arts Council, the week promises to be better than ever.The National Health Service is now better than ever.The opportunities now are better than ever.Watermen talked about their catches so far this year, which they said have been better than ever.And that incentive was increased when they got personal recognition and satisfaction from doing it better than ever before.The moviemaking machine that Walt Disney created sixty years ago is working better than ever today.This year's attractions are bigger and better than ever, with events running from Tuesday to Saturday.
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