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House of Representatives

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishHouse of RepresentativesˌHouse of Repreˈsentatives noun   the House of Representatives
Examples from the Corpus
House of RepresentativesWith Republicans controlling the House of Representatives by only a few seats, both sides have pushed hard for their preferred figures.I was sitting there and there was Sonny Bono in the House of Representatives voting.California already has the largest congressional delegation with 52 members in the House of Representatives.In the House of Representatives last week, Rep.And the 136 members of the House of Representatives from those four states amount to about a third of the membership.He filed a complaint with the House of Representatives seeking to overturn the election result.The House of Representatives passed the indictment against Mr Estrada, on charges of corruption, in eight minutes.
From Longman Business DictionaryHouse of RepresentativesˌHouse of Repreˈsentatives noun the larger of the two parts of the US Congress or of the parliament of Australia or New ZealandThe measure requires approval by the Senate before it can go to the House of Representatives. compare Senate
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