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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhouse-to-houseˌhouse-to-ˈhouse adjective   house-to-house inquiries/search/collection etc
Examples from the Corpus
house-to-houseThe Pearl has a 6,500-strong sales force which collects insurance premiums and arranges policies by the simple expedient of house-to-house calls.Detectives yesterday carried out house-to-house enquiries in the hope of tracking the gang.Culley ordered a house-to-house in the area.Road blocks were set up and a helicopter brought in from Manchester as police began house-to-house inquiries.A minute earlier he had been feeling sorry for the men who were still out on house-to-house questioning.He found Kersey, sitting at the desk in an upstair, borrowed office surrounded by house-to-house reports prepared on the premises.It was Major Volpi who had been given responsibility for putting up road-blocks and carrying out house-to-house searches.Peacekeeping troops set up road blocks and conducted house-to-house searches.
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