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houseboathouse‧boat /ˈhaʊsbəʊt $ -boʊt/ noun [countable]  TTWa river boat that you can live in
Examples from the Corpus
houseboatI think you really live in a houseboat with the seasons more than up the hill.We talked as we walked the beach and peeked at the funky houseboats along the waterfront.His houseboat was anchored overnight in a cove at Lake Shasta.Hundreds of houseboats, which once sustained over 350,000 people, lie deserted along the picturesque Dal Lake.The contractor also removed the second story of a sunken houseboat and barged it to shore.Elliott's predicament was watched with some interest from the houseboat Duende.The money he had stolen from the gravel pits reposed under his bunk in the houseboat.
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