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houseplanthouse‧plant /ˈhaʊsplɑːnt $ -plænt/ noun [countable]  DLGa plant that you grow inside your house for decoration syn pot plant British English
Examples from the Corpus
houseplantMoving briskly, Wade dug out a plastic garbage bag, marched into the living room, and collected the dead houseplants.Both of these members of the Rubiaceae family are finding their way into good houseplant departments.But then I love growing houseplants.During the main growing season from April to September, frequent watering is required, adding a liquid houseplant feed each week.Garden or houseplant fertiliser is not suitable.The cosy harshness was broken only by a pair of plastic houseplants and by prints of country scenes on the walls.For this reason consider them temporary houseplants and propagate new stock each year.Clean swept floors, no faded blooms or tired houseplants are good indications of good husbandry and therefore reliable product.
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