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hovercrafthov‧er‧craft /ˈhɒvəkrɑːft $ ˈhʌvərkræft, ˈhɑː-/ noun (plural hovercraft or hovercrafts) [countable]  TTWa vehicle that travels just above the surface of land or water, travelling on a strong current of air that the engines produce beneath ithydrofoil
Examples from the Corpus
hovercraftIt is certainly the only time I have played at a ground with a hovercraft as a pavilion.From 75 minutes by car ferry and from 30 minutes by hovercraft.The corporation has prepared a detailed indication of running costs for the new hovercraft.Much of the £1 million spent annually on hovercraft research and development over recent years is also directly applicable to the AP1-88.This produces a lot of propeller noise at the hovercraft terminals, and annoys nearby residents.The inspiration was the hovercraft, a feature of which are the roof-mounted engines.
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