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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhowhow /haʊ/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 used to ask or talk about the way in which something happens or is done How do you spell your name? How can I help you? I’d like to help in some way, but I’m not sure how. He explained how the system worked. We both used to work at the airport – that’s how we met.how to do something I don’t know how to get to your house. Alan showed me how to load the gun. advice on how best (=the best way) to invest your money They had a number of suggestions as to how the service could be improved. This still leaves the question of how local services should be funded.how on earth/in the world etc (=used for emphasis when you are surprised, angry etc) How on earth did you find out?2 used to ask or talk about the amount, size, degree etc of something How big is the state of Louisiana? How many kids do they have now? How long have you been learning English? Do you know how old it is? They couldn’t tell exactly how far away the bridge was. She wondered how much Angela already knew.how much? (=used to ask the price of something) How much are the tickets?3 spoken a) used to ask about someone’s health, especially when you meet them ‘Hi Laurie, how are you?’ ‘Fine, thanks. How are you?’ Has Ros had the baby yet? How is she? ‘How’s your ankle this morning?’ ‘Better, thanks.’ b) used when you meet someone, to ask for news about their life, work etc So how’s it going at work these days? Still enjoying it? How are things with you?’ ‘Fine.’ How are you doing?4 used to ask someone about their opinion or experience of something How was the film? ‘How’s your steak?’ ‘Mmm, it’s good.’ How did your exams go? How do you feel about seeing Peter again? How’s that? Does that feel comfortable?5 used after certain adjectives or verbs to refer to an event or situation It’s amazing how they’ve managed to get everything finished so quickly. I remember how she always used to have fresh flowers in the house.
6 VERY[+adj/adverb] used to emphasize the quality you are mentioning How lovely to see you! ‘John’s been in an accident.’ ‘Oh, how awful!’ I didn’t realize how difficult it was to get tickets. He was impressed at how well she could read.7 old-fashioned or written used to say that something happens to a very great degree How the crowd loved it!SPOKEN PHRASES8 how about ... ?9 how do you mean?10 how come?11 how do you do?12 how can/could somebody do sth?13 how you like/want14 how about that!/how do you like that!15 how’s that for sth?16 how ... is that?17 how so?18 how about if ... ?19 and how! how dare you at dare1(2)GRAMMAR: Patterns with howYou use how before an ordinary adjective: We all know how important exercise is. Don’t say: We all know how much important exercise is.You use how much before a comparative adjective: They realize how much better life is. Don’t say: They realize how better life is.USAGE: How or what?You use what with look/feel/be like to ask for or give a description: What does she look like? Don’t say: How does she look like?You use what with think to ask or talk about someone's opinion: What do you think of him? Don't say: How do you think of him?
Examples from the Corpus
howHow are the kids going to get home?How are you feeling this morning?He was surprised at how bitter Sabina sounded.How do I get to North Bend?How do I look in glasses?How do you get your CD player to work?How do you like the painting, Chuck?How do you turn the printer on?How does American English differ from British?Everyone was talking about how great the workshop was.Have you seen how incredibly messy Fong's room is?How long are you going to be here?How many people does each cabin sleep?How much do they charge for a haircut?We don't know how she managed to escape.How should I dress for this job interview?She told me how to get to the Johnson's house.My dad's teaching me how to use email.How was your trip?how to do somethingFind out how to decorate your own Easter eggs on pages 30-31.For details on how to install the program, see the instructions on the right.I don't know how to load this thing.My father taught me how to make and mend fishing netsI'll teach you how to tie your shoes.Could you show me how to work the photocopier?how much?No one knew how much a dollar was really worth.When he turned away from the water, though, he was surprised how much darker it got.She could see how much he enjoyed not having Omar here.How much is this jacket?With a standing order you tell your branch exactly how much is to be paid and when.Every broadcaster tries to determine how much programs are worth to the advertiser.Sadly for Les, it also reminded us how much sharper Bob Monkhouse was as host.How much time do you think it will take?Its all about money, how much we have how much we make and what we spend it one.Find out exactly how much you will be charged, and how much the worker is paid.How are thingsTill now they had fenced gently. How are things?Wojupto?: How are things?Ha-Ha. How are things at your end?Connections. How are things connected to each other?Q.. People are talking about how Houghton may be losing its prominent authors. How are things now?I ask, How are things so different here?Provincetown! How are things up that way?
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