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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoweverhow‧ev‧er1 /haʊˈevə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 W1 adverb  1 BUTused when you are adding a fact or piece of information that seems surprising, or seems very different from what you have just said syn nevertheless This is a cheap and simple process. However, there are dangers. an extremely unpleasant disease that is, however, easy to treat2 NO MATTER WHAT/HOW MUCH ETCused to say that it does not matter how big, good, serious etc something is because it will not change a situation in any way syn no matter how You should report any incident, however minor it is. We have to finish, however long it takes.however much/many I really want the car, however much it costs.3 WAY/MANNER especially British English used to show surprise when you ask how something happens or how someone does something However did he get that job?
Examples from the Corpus
howeverMost insurers cover routine tests for older women, however.That all changed with Clinton, however.Perhaps tonight's events would, however, at least until the Society's suspicions had been allayed.Interestingly, however, clerical workers show least sociability in this respect.My goodness, this room is so interesting. However did you think to decorate it in purple and green?I could never watch any movie more than once, however good it is.At the time, however, I feared poison gas.The reality, however, is that the Institute has had considerable influence in knocking the rough edges off legislation and practice.Cotton production was on the increase. However, it was still a small industry compared to hemp and canvas production.However much I try, I just don't understand him at all.Each one of us, however old or however young, is a valuable member of society.Wyman stressed, however, that the main function of this church is to serve the needs of the poor.In another sense, however, the approaches stand alongside each other.Her story, however, will overwhelm adults and mesmerize kids.however much/manyThe ruler line counts characters in 10s however many characters per inch your printer can produce.Because, however much his words might deny that he cared for her, his actions spoke differently.I could not then, however much I wanted to, walk away from it.And however much men seem to be involved in the movie versions, women are the ones doing it.History runs through Turner's art, however much Ruskin ignored it.It's no easy task when a baby's almost died on her however many times.John Lee Hooker won't be with us for ever, however much we'd like him to be.You've lost a close friend and however much you anticipated this, you can never be fully prepared for a bereavement.
howeverhowever2 ●●● S2 W3 conjunction  NO MATTER WHAT/HOW MUCH ETCin whatever way You can do it however you like. If we win the match, we’ll be delighted, however it happens. However you look at it, it was a wicked thing to do.see thesaurus at but
Examples from the Corpus
howeverYou guys can split up the driving however you want.
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