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hubhub /hʌb/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 MAINthe central and most important part of an area, system, activity etc, which all the other parts are connected to syn centrehub of Birmingham is at the hub of Britain’s motorway network. the commercial hub of the region2 TDthe central part of a wheel to which the axle is joined
Examples from the Corpus
hubSince its conception, two of the airlines that used the old airport as a hub have disappeared.It was built like a hub and spokes, with great arches that went to infinity.A series of area road improvements could help Brown Field take flight as an air cargo hub.Instead, the initial implementation will appear as an Ethernet switch called the DragonSwitch, which fits into its existing Access/One hubs.Flights to South America pass through the airline's hub airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Macau hopes to become the service hub for the southern part of the Pearl River Delta.Here is the hub of my confession, to be taken any way we wish.From the curvature of the arc, I had already begun to estimate the position of the hub.The hub, bearings and rims of otherwise wooden wheels might be made of iron.hub ofDowntown St. Paul is a hub of culture and entertainment.Vienna was then the hub of the multinational Hapsburg empire.
From Longman Business Dictionaryhubhub /hʌb/ noun [countable]1COMMERCE a city or country where there is a lot of business activity because it is central in relation to other places, there are good communications etcThe city has become a hub for Asian markets and a financial center.2TRAVELan airport with a lot of flights where people can easily change planes to go on to somewhere elseThey want to develop the airport as a European hub.
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