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huehue /hjuː/ noun [countable] literary  1 COLOUR/COLORa colour or type of colourtint, shade a golden huesee thesaurus at colour2 TYPEa type of opinion, belief etcof every hue/of all hues (=of many kinds) political opinions of every hue
Examples from the Corpus
hueBales of material of every type and hue were spread before her for her approval.Forbes' insistent call for a 17 percent flat tax has altered the debate, giving it more of an economic hue.The darker green hues found in this medieval pottery were produced by using copper and brass filings.Colourful seaweeds are found in a variety of hues.The piled fibres absorb and reflect the light, alternating deep and pale hues and giving the cloth its unique lustre.The Prince wore majestic robes of a rich purple hue.In the fall, Boston ivy vines take on red hues.The galvanized finish of the steel blends with the silvery hues of the canopy branches.
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