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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhulkinghulk‧ing /ˈhʌlkɪŋ/ adjective [only before noun]  TALL PERSONvery big and often awkward Two hulking figures guarded the entrance of the club.
Examples from the Corpus
hulkingWhat do these great hulking dinosaurs have to offer us?All these obelisks are dark and sinister, their hulking forms glowering over a carpet of white bones under leaden skies.His big hulking frame-leaned over me as he patted my shoulder.They were small, twin-engined planes which, as they circled and landed, looked so tiny next to the hulking great Lancs.Two hulking guards stood at attention.All at once the hulking man led him forward and sat him in a hard chair opposite Matta.Crooked veins bulge in his hulking neck as his tongue strains to meet its goal.Waiting for me down on the sands - a great hulking shape, crouching there, darker than darkness.His heart hammered in terror as he glimpsed those shaggy, hulking shapes of shadowy grey speeding across the meadows.
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