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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhullabaloohul‧la‧ba‧loo /ˌhʌləbəˈluː, ˈhʌləbəluː/ noun [singular] informal  1 EXCITEDexcited talk, newspaper stories etc, especially when something surprising or shocking is happening syn fuss There was a huge hullabaloo when the book was first published.2 LOUD/NOISYa lot of noise, especially made by people shouting syn commotion She looked up to see what all the hullabaloo was about.
Examples from the Corpus
hullabalooHow could a child as well cared for as that vanish from her ordinary life without some one raising a hullabaloo?Once a stag caused a great hullabaloo by breaking from cover and bounding away noisily.We would have come together when his hullabaloo was over.There's been a huge hullabaloo over Collins' new book.In almost no time at all, blame for the resultant hullabaloo was laid at my feet.Remember all the hullabaloo over the golf ball with the transmitter inside it.In the hullabaloo, he creeps away from the row of houses, silhouetted against the night sky.
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