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human interest

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhuman interesthuman interesta quality that makes a story interesting because it is about people’s feelings, lives, relationships etc human
Examples from the Corpus
human interestFor he is above all concerned to deny that the point of the universe is somehow to serve human interests.Gombe is still inaccessible by road - but despite its isolation, it hasn't lacked human interest.One clear fact is that those reasons relate entirely to human interests.The conflict was not lacking in human interest.It is the most exciting of all, the richest in human interest, and also the most dangerous.It represents an idealized view of the information needs of an area of particular human interest or activity.human interest storiesA human interest story, featuring the second-youngest Nobel laureate in history, seemed to him much more promising.Undoubtedly, the human interest story of how I have managed to be a theoretical physicist despite my disability has helped.
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