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human nature

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhuman natureˌhuman ˈnature noun [uncountable]  1 NATURALthe qualities or ways of behaving that are natural and common to most people2 it’s (only/just) human nature
Examples from the Corpus
human natureSmith was realistic about human nature and idealistic about the necessity for the exercise of conscience in the marketplace.What does the novel reveal about human nature?But the crucial issue relevant to understanding politics concerns the extent to which individual personality and human nature cause political behavior.In the first place, it deals with those elements in human nature which are timeless.Combat games can bring out the best and the worst in human nature.Joe witnessed the extremes of human nature under pressure of adversity.The images of human nature and society built into the explanatory paradigms which dominate school curricula and texts are inadequate.The methodology supporting Pareto's analysis is individualistic, resting on a view of human nature rather than directly on assumptions about society.Genetics and biology have little to tell us that is relevant, except in so far as these sciences throw light on human nature in general.
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