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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhumanityhu‧man‧i‧ty /hjuːˈmænəti/ ●○○ noun  1 PERSON/PEOPLE[uncountable] people in general We want a clean healthy environment for all humanity. crimes against humanityGrammarHumanity is not used with ‘the’ in this meaning. You say: The future for humanity is uncertain. Don’t say: The future for the humanity is uncertain. 2 KIND[uncountable] kindness, respect, and sympathy towards others opp inhumanity a man of deep humanity3 PERSON/PEOPLE[uncountable] the state of being human rather than an animal or machinecommon/shared humanity We must never forget our common humanity.4 (the) humanities
Examples from the Corpus
humanityThe General was accused of committing crimes against humanity.The Nobel committee said Gordimer's writing had benefited humanity.I won't do the smallest good thing for humanity.As they begin to heal, will they regain their faith in humanity?Hence the words man, mankind, humanity have come to be treated as interchangeable synonyms.30% of humanity live in conditions of terrible poverty.The neurosis of humanity arose out of the relation to the father, just as it does for the child.The needs and waste of humanity have multiplied accordingly.Yet it seemed to me they had much to learn when it came to manners and plain humanity.The medical course stresses each patient's humanity.They are meant to appeal to Tamburlaine's humanity and hopefully stop him from plundering the town.all humanityThe effect of overcrowding was the disastrous one of turning you against all humanity.My greatest aspiration is to work towards a clean healthy environment for all humanity.We are challenged to rise above the narrow confines of our individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.By using nonsexist language we can at least avoid the overt implication that males are the standard and norm of all humanity.We the undersigned, senior members of the world's scientific community, hereby warn all humanity what lies ahead.
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