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humanly possible

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhumanly possiblehumanly possiblea) TRY TO DO OR GET somethingused to emphasize that something is possible She wanted to put as much distance as was humanly possible between herself and Adrian. b) used to emphasize that someone did all they could The doctors did everything humanly possible to save the child’s life. humanly
Examples from the Corpus
humanly possibleWhat she must do was concentrate on getting her memory back so that she could get home to them as soon as humanly possible.The report was as fair as is humanly possible.Acquaint yourselves with it as soon as is humanly possible.If so, will he ensure that a police officer accompanies every military patrol whenever humanly possible?Our Government is fashioned to fulfill this concept so far as humanly possible.The task at hand was to devise an immediate gathering of the vestry and to make it as splendid as humanly possible.Although speechreaders learn the necessity for keen attention and mental focus, it is not humanly possible to focus attention all day.They demanded attention which it was not humanly possible to give.He should be punished for as long as it is humanly possible to punish him.Firefighters did everything humanly possible to save lives.
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