Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin humilis 'low, humble', from humus 'earth'


1 adjective
1 not considering yourself or your ideas to be as important as other people's [≠ proud; ↪ humility]:
a modest and humble man
2 having a low social class or position:
He started his career as a humble peanut farmer.
humble background/origins etc
Iacocca rose from humble beginnings to become boss of Ford.

in my humble opinion

spoken used humorously to give your opinion about something

my humble apologies

British English spoken used humorously to say you are sorry
5 [only before noun] simple and ordinary, but useful or effective:
The humble potato may be the key to feeding the world's population.

eat humble pie

to admit that you were wrong about something

your humble servant

British English old useTCM a formal way of ending a letter

somebody's humble abode

someone's house or apartment - used humorously:
Welcome to our humble abode.
humbly adverb

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