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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhumdrumhum‧drum /ˈhʌmdrʌm/ adjective  BORINGboring and ordinary, and having no variety or interest syn tedioushumdrum existence/job/life etc the prisoners’ humdrum routinesee thesaurus at boring
Examples from the Corpus
humdrumZeinab, whatever else she might be, was definitely not humdrum.Their lives were, and are, humdrum.a humdrum jobGoing to night school might improve your chances of getting out of that humdrum job.Mirth is an escape from the humdrum just as the transcendent is an escape from the mundane.Occasional holidays abroad were the only things that brightened up her otherwise humdrum life.It could come in the wastes of the night, or at the most humdrum moments of the day.They get accustomed to humdrum research and will create more when the current assignment runs dry.How I wish all this was over and I could get back to my humdrum routine.Such excitement was absent during a first half that was more humdrum than humdinger.You should still spot-check for humdrum words and phrases.humdrum existence/job/life etcTen more days were to pass before the longed for interruption to Huy's humdrum existence occurred.It makes us feel better about our own humdrum lives that too much fun is so clearly bad for the health.
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