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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhumidhu‧mid /ˈhjuːmɪd/ ●●○ adjective  WETif the weather is humid, you feel uncomfortable because the air is very wet and usually hothumidity Tokyo is extremely humid in midsummer.humid air/climate etcsee thesaurus at damp, hot, wet
Examples from the Corpus
humidTemperatures were in the high seventies and with the absence of any wind it felt sticky and humid.The air was hot and still and humid.Summers in Tokyo are hot and humid.The forecast is for another hot and humid afternoon today.Her clothes were sticking to her, but the humid air didn't seem to bother Ralph.Overall, arid areas have increased by around 54 million hectares, and humid areas reduced by 26 million hectares.The climate through much of the year would be as hot and humid as today's Miami.For a number of years after 1865, a long humid cycle brought uninterrupted above-average rainfall to the plains.It was a hot, humid day, and the only sound was the buzzing of insects.In other parts of the country, coaches have little choice because the weather is hot and humid everywhere.Tokyo is very humid in summer.The entire island is covered by thick humid jungle.We drove through the humid night and things flew into the beam of the headlights.humid air/climate etcDrinks were essential in the humid atmosphere.Going out on to Des Voeux, she breathed in the hot, humid air.Others squat on the branches of forest trees with their roots dangling beneath them in the humid air.The base can also be used to hold capillary matting or moist grit for plants that require humid air.Wyatt breathed in the hot humid air.This could represent a humid climate during the glacial-interglacial transition between stages 8 and 7 of the marine 18 O record.In humid climates, triticale seed had the annoying propensity of sprouting prematurely; often, while still on the parent.As they left the building, waves of moist humid air wrapped around her skin.
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