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humidityhu‧mid‧i‧ty /hjuːˈmɪdəti/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 WEATHERthe amount of water contained in the air The room is kept at 72 degrees and 50% relative humidity.2 WETwhen the air is very warm and wet a day of hot sunshine and humidity
Examples from the Corpus
humidityNevertheless, there are many advantages off-season, if you can handle the sun and humidity.Meanwhile, arms and artifacts deteriorate in cramped storage cubicles that lack temperature and humidity controls.Some plants need warmth and high humidity.Spray roses in pots with water daily to keep humidity up; watch out for greenfly and other pests.Cultivation: This species requires a lot of humidity, and therefore should be grown in a deep tank with the cover-glass on.And the first thing that hits you is the heat and the incredible, oppressive humidity.The optimal humidity is 100%, although some development can occur down to 80% relative humidity.Downtown Atlanta is normally an unhurried place where the noontime odor of fried chicken wafts through the thick humidity.
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