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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhumiliatinghu‧mil‧i‧at‧ing /hjuːˈmɪlieɪtɪŋ/ adjective  ASHAMEDmaking you feel ashamed, embarrassed, and angry because you have been made to look weak or stupid syn embarrassing a humiliating defeathumiliatingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
humiliatingI had to apologize in front of everyone - it was so humiliating.It was really so incredibly humiliating.Meanwhile, Vanessa herself suffers a downfall as humiliating as it is spectacular.Since nobody else had been found, Hayling offered Thornton the Chairmanship, but the executive attached two humiliating conditions.Anderson suffered a humiliating defeat in the last election.We think, however, that most athletes would find a gynaecological examination purely for gender verification a humiliating experience.The brand might be no mark of honour at all - but a culminating cruel humiliating jape.To emphasise his authority the unforgiving Rangers boss exposed Roberts to a humiliating period as a reserve team substitute.Inexplicable and downright humiliating, she thought angrily.This was never more humiliating than in the category Most Fanciable Male.Prisoners are subjected to humiliating treatment and frequent beatings.humiliating defeatBut they knew that it was a humiliating defeat.He went to work on the President, telling him that to retreat now would be to accept humiliating defeat.It's always a good laugh watching him getting increasingly irritated with the interviewer after a humiliating defeat.The next levy proposed by Wolsey met with an even more humiliating defeat.But a humiliating defeat at Bradford last Sunday had the Leeds fans spitting fury in radio phone-ins.It was a humiliating defeat for Callaghan.The referendum was a humiliating defeat for the unpopular Mr Khasbulatov.Politicians did not relish a repeat performance of the humiliating defeat they had suffered over the suspension and repeal of the acts.
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