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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhumilityhu‧mil‧i‧ty /hjuːˈmɪləti/ noun [uncountable]  MODESTthe quality of not being too proud about yourself – use this to show approval He spoke with great humility about his role, praising the efforts of his teammates above his own. syn modesty, → humble
Examples from the Corpus
humilityHumility and discipline are important in the martial arts.Magnificence is admirable if not always comprehensible, humility is very unattractive to the modern Western mind.He is less practiced in the art of contrived humility than was Nixon.Mother Theresa remained a woman of great humility, despite all the attention and praise her work received.It is important to judge last week's results with a little intellectual humility.For a decade, Jerusalem continued approaching Washington with a measure of humility, careful not to wear out its welcome.As I listened to him speak, I was filled with a sense of humility.Theological references to them are scant, though St Bernard took the blackness as a symbol of humility.The humility and the arrogance in the prose are almost indistinguishable, frolicking like puppies at play.Put you in that - that kiosk - and expect your parishioners to admire your humility?
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