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hummockhum‧mock /ˈhʌmək/ noun [countable] British English  DNa very small hill
Examples from the Corpus
hummockI've never seen such terrible country; it was a constant stumble over grassy hummocks and peat-bogs.The wide belt of dune-land with its hummocks and scrubby grass growing out of the sand was deserted at that hour.Where the ground is slightly drier, in the coniferous woods, there are smooth rounded hummocks of a pale turquoise moss.Time after time I stumbled over some hummock of tough grass, and once I went into a creek up to my shoulders.The hummocks denied any sure footing.These hummocks vary in size from coins to basketballs.Squeezed by the pressure of the water, the ice had formed into towering hummocks in the center of the river.The weeds on the path, crisp with frost, were slippery white hummocks in the darkness leading to the door.
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