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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhumoroushu‧mor‧ous /ˈhjuːmərəs $ ˈhjuː-, ˈjuː-/ ●●○ adjective  FUNNYfunny and enjoyable humorous stories The film has some mildly humorous moments.see thesaurus at funnyhumorously adverbRegisterIn everyday English, people usually say something is funny rather than humorous:He told lots of funny stories.
Examples from the Corpus
humorousIt was a brilliant speech - clear, precise and humorous.Joyce thought this last remark was humorous.The book is a humorous account of a young man's travels in South America.humorous birthday cardsDorothy was trying to make what she said humorous, but Harriet felt threatened.The novel is a humorous but often painful odyssey through the next three decades of Dolores' life.There's even a terrifying, bleakly humorous description of the state of Kinshasa's one nuclear reactor.It was a half way humorous remark.Although occasionally humorous, the work presents a bleak view of urban alienation.There were a son and daughter of the marriage: the daughter married the humorous writer Paul Jennings.
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