1 noun
hu‧mour1 British English ; humor American English [uncountable]
1 the ability or tendency to think that things are funny, or funny things you say that show you have this abilityCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
sense of humour somebody's brand of humour black humour (=jokes, funny stories etc about the unpleasant parts of life) schoolboy humour (=jokes, funny stories etc that are silly and rude but not offensive) dry/deadpan humour (=when someone pretends to be serious when they are really joking) wry humour (=when someone jokes about something bad or difficult) a flash/trace/touch of humour (=a small amount of humour)
his humour and charm
Greg's feeble attempt at humour
English humour
It's vital to have a sense of humor in this job.
The host puts the contestants at ease with his own brand of humour.
He showed flashes of humor that delighted the audience.
2 the quality in something that makes it funny and makes people laugh:
He failed to see the humour of the situation.

out of humour

British English old-fashioned in a bad mood

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