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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhumourlesshu‧mour‧less British English, humorless American English /ˈhjuːmələs $ ˈhjuːmər-, ˈjuː-/ adjective  SERIOUS PERSONtoo serious and not able to laugh at things that other people think are funnyhumourlessly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
humourlessDespite grisly episodes such as these, Franz's career was not entirely humourless.Her personality was drab, earnest and humourless and her appearance calculatedly unattractive.Silent, humourless and reserved, Haig was also shrewd and ambitious and had unbounded self-esteem.Despite his wonderfully unattractive and humourless appearance, his exotic origins none the less gave rise to an extraordinary rumour.As the stags go play they sustain this tone, especially in the humourless hauteur of Graham Fellows's excellent Tybalt.It was a wide, manic and utterly humourless rictus.Monk treats Russell's sallies with humourless seriousness, trying to get us to see them as proof of intellectual irresponsibility.And also I've just got tired of the group being viewed as this humourless ... thing.
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