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hungoverhung‧o‧ver /hʌŋˈəʊvə $ -ˈoʊvər/ adjective  MIDRUNKif someone is hungover, they feel ill because they drank too much alcohol the previous evening hangover
Examples from the Corpus
hungoverHis face looked like it was continuously hungover.The next day was grim and hungover.Once I got in well hungover at four in the afternoon when I should have been there at 11.The hungover handjob athwart the unmade bed - you can't do it.On the morning of the fight, a hungover Jimmy was awoken by a tapping on the window.Not sick, Marie guessed, but probably hungover now that she was going dancing every night at the Lake Hotel.Slowly: he felt pleasantly languid, a shade hungover still.
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