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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhungryhun‧gry /ˈhʌŋɡri/ ●●● S2 adjective (comparative hungrier, superlative hungriest)  1 HUNGRY/WANT TO EATwanting to eat somethingthirsty I was cold, tired, and hungry. If you get hungry, there’s some cold chicken in the fridge. Do you still feel hungry?2 HUNGRY/STARVINGill or weak as a result of not having enough to eat for a long time We can’t justify wasting food when half the world is hungry.3 go hungry4 WANTwanting or needing something very much syn eagerhungry for She is hungry for success.hungry to do something Stan was hungry to learn.5 the hungry6 power-hungry/news-hungry etcTHESAURUSwanting to eathungry wanting to eat somethingWe were really hungry after our long walk.It’s hard work cooking for a bunch of hungry kids.peckish [not before noun] British English informal a little hungryI’m feeling a bit peckish. What’s in the fridge?starving/ravenous /ˈrævənəs/ (also starved American English) [not before noun] spoken very hungry and wanting to eat as soon as possibleI missed lunch and I’m absolutely starving.Sam’s always ravenous when he gets home from school.famished very hungry. Famished is less common and sounds a little more formal than starving or ravenousEveryone was famished by the time they arrived.I could eat a horse! spoken used to say that you are very hungry‘Are you hungry?’ ‘Yeah, I could eat a horse.’appetite the desire for food that you have when you are hungryExercise usually gives me an appetite.It’s healthy to have a good appetite.ill because of lack of foodhungry ill or weak because of not having enough to eatterrible pictures of hungry children in Africastarving not having had enough food for a long time and likely to die soon without foodBecause of the drought, millions of people were starving.the starving refugees from the warmalnourished formal unhealthy and thin because you have not had the right kinds of food over a long period of timeAccording to the report, one-fifth of the world’s population are malnourished.malnourished infants
Examples from the Corpus
hungryThat bird looks lost and hungry.If the crops fail again this year thousands of people will go hungry.We were really hungry after our long walk.America's cities have hundreds of hungry and homeless people.At first we were very hungry and more energetic.a hungry babyEvidently she had noticed that I was hungry, because she urged me several times to eat.Those were hungry days, and the Fawcetts shared the spoils.Are you hungry? Do you want a sandwich?He was hungry for something, but did not know that.I'm hungry - I didn't get any lunch today.My children are hungry, I need a job.The faint hope he had offered shrivelled and died in the heat of the hungry, leaping flames.For certain she would be hungry, like me.Hungry people crowded around the relief wagon for food.She was cross with herself, and she was also very hungry, she'd had nothing much all day.Hungry shoppers waited in line at the food counters.get hungryIs it lunchtime yet? I'm getting hungry.There's some cold chicken in the fridge if you get hungry.On that particular Sunday my chaplain wouldn't shut up and I was getting hungry.But remember, most people get hungry again about four hours after a moderate meal.I was getting hungry and frustrated because I hadn't been able to enjoy any of it.How could anyone know that Wetherby was going to get hungry and go down to the kitchen for some cheese?Eventually, he would get hungry and have to eat.He knew that the young eagle would get hungry and would need food.When you get hungry, call.Whenever I get hungry now I think of Vineria.hungry to do somethingThe Who don t need the money, but they are hungry to be relevant.There are hundreds of pianists hungry to become the next Horowitz or the next Kissin.I was hungry to do it.It helps not to be hungry to enjoy this tidbit, since the flavors are meant to be savored.It was the only occasion I saw inside and it made me hungry to go again.I went straight to Ralemberg's house, hungry to see the ever-smiling Agnes.Although Frankie had been dozing, he was too hungry to sleep for more than a few minutes at a time.Sara did not reply; she was too hungry to spare any attention from her food.