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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhunkyhunk‧y /ˈhʌŋki/ adjective  SEXYa man who is hunky is sexually attractive and has a big strong bodymachosee thesaurus at strong
Examples from the Corpus
hunkyHave you seen the new sports instructor? He's really hunky.To suggest that the hunky Gilfry owns the role is only to hint at watching artistry in action.Later, your teen-ager and her hunky guy practice a hip rendition of a cool new dance.Ralph Fiennes takes the hunky Heathcliff role in a story of love, passion and vengeance set in the wilds of Yorkshire.The show stars hunky Kevin Sorbo as Hercules.The show stars hunky Kevin Sorbo as the son of Zeus.For Pat junior has grown up to be a hunky, muscular, six foot two.But certainly hunky, with strong, irregular features, a full, jutting lower lip and very blue eyes.
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