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huntsmanhunts‧man /ˈhʌntsmən/ noun (plural huntsmen /-mən/) [countable] literary  1 DSOa man who hunts animals2 DSO British English someone who hunts foxes for sport
Examples from the Corpus
huntsmanThe best amateur huntsman of his time.Her former husband is Britain's most distinguished amateur huntsman and Master of the Duke of Beafort's foxhounds.He often had to pay the wages and expenses of the royal huntsmen out of the issues of his bailiwick.The Antis - as the huntsmen call the Saboteurs - have been active for 10 years.He suggested that the huntsmen should dismantle the gate to release the animal.For the rest of the hunting season, the saboteurs will play a cat and mouse game with the huntsmen.The huntsman killed a wild boar and cut out its heart.
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