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hurl yourself at/against etc somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhurl yourself at/against etc somebody/somethinghurl yourself at/against etc somebody/somethingATTACKto throw yourself at someone or something with a lot of force She wanted to hurl herself into his arms. hurl
Examples from the Corpus
hurl yourself at/against etc somebody/somethingAnd yet people still hurl themselves at this fence.For an instant, Jimmy wondered whether he should hurl himself at the plate-glass windows.I hurl myself at the soldier.Shopkeeper Nasser Ali, 25, hurled himself at Conroy, who emptied his magazine of all six shots.The control room door slammed shut behind Atrimonides as he ran on to the gallery and hurled himself at Christine.The warriors hurled themselves at the heads or horns of their animals to make them lie down.The wind was gusting through the branches of the old oak tree outside and hurling itself against his window.
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