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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhurriedhur‧ried /ˈhʌrid $ ˈhɜːrid/ adjective [usually before noun]  HURRYdone more quickly than usual syn rushed opp leisurely a hurried mealsee thesaurus at fasthurriedly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
hurriedHer handwriting looked shaky and hurried.Gedge smiled less and the attitude was so workman-like, it all seemed hurried and obdurate.These benefits seem even more relevant in our present climate of hurried and stressful life styles.From a hurried clearance, I think, Wallace picked up the ball and went past 4 defenders to the bye-line.After a hurried dinner, the boys do their homework or watch TV.Trade missions, diplomatic niceties, hurried journeys between here and Moscow, the lot.The day was a blur of hurried meetings and brief telephone calls.Norman Fowler made hurried notes to his speech in reply.They were anxiously engaged on a hurried recruitment policy.They made a hurried search for the missing letters, but they couldn't find them.Very light, very hurried steps, but the bare, glossy wood turned them into a muffled drum-roll.Lunch hour meant a hurried visit to a launderette or one of the new supermarkets.
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