Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: hurter 'to crash violently into'


1 verb
hurt1 S2 W3 past tense and past participle hurt

injure somebody

[transitive] to injure yourself or someone else:
Was anyone hurt in the accident?
Put that thing down - you might hurt someone with it.
hurt your arm/leg/nose etc
He hurt his knee playing football.
hurt yourself
Be careful you don't fall and hurt yourself.
see usage note damage2

feel pain

[intransitive] to feel pain in part of your body [↪ ache]:
My back hurts.
Where does it hurt?
It hurts when I try to move my leg.
hurt like hell informal (=hurt very much)
My shoulder hurts like hell.

cause pain

[transitive] to cause pain in a part of your body:
The sun's hurting my eyes.

insult somebody

[intransitive and transitive] to make someone feel very upset, unhappy, sad etc:
I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
it hurts (somebody) to do something
What hurts is that he never even said goodbye.
It hurt me to think that you hated me.

bad effect

[transitive] to have a bad effect on someone or something, especially by making them less successful or powerful:
Foreign competition has hurt the company's position in the market.

be hurting

American English
a) informal to feel very upset or unhappy about something:
Martha's going through a divorce and really hurting right now.
b) if a group, organization etc is hurting, they do not have something important that they need
be hurting for
The team is hurting for quarterbacks.

something won't/doesn't hurt

spoken said when you think someone should do something or that something is a good idea:
The house looks pretty good, but a fresh paint job wouldn't hurt either.
it won't/doesn't hurt (somebody) to do something
It won't hurt Julia to get up early for a change.

damage, hurt, injure, wound
Damage means to cause physical harm to a thing or to a part of your body Fires can damage crops and animals. He damaged a knee ligament playing rugby.You do not usually talk about damaging a person. Use hurt, injure, or wound instead He was hurt in a climbing accident (NOT He was damaged in a climbing accident). However, you can talk about damaging an unborn child German measles in pregnancy can damage your baby.Use hurt or injure to talk about people suffering physical harm as a result of an accident, earthquake, hurricane etc No one was hurt in the car crash. We hoped he wasn't seriously injured.!! Do not say 'injure someone's health'. Say ' damage someone's health '.Use wound to talk about someone being hurt by a weapon such as a gun or a knife He shot dead three people and wounded several others. a wounded soldierSee also damage

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