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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhush-hushˌhush-ˈhush / $ ˈ‧ ‧/ adjective informal  SECRETvery secret Everything was very hush-hush.see thesaurus at secret
Examples from the Corpus
hush-hushThe date and location of the operation were very hush-hush.And this is meant to be hush-hush.What you two so impertinently called my hush-hush experi-ment.His death was really hush-hush. It was so covered up that you wondered if it wasn't a suicide.There was a hush-hush meeting with Eliot and I was to keep out of the way.Some sort of hush-hush oceanography, probably for oil.'The Manhattan Project' was the insiders' name for the hush-hush project.As a matter of fact it was rather a hush-hush sort of business.
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