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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhushedhushed /hʌʃt/ adjective [usually before noun]  QUIETquiet because people are listening, waiting to hear something, or talking quietly A hushed courtroom awaited the verdict.hushed tones/voice/whispers etc (=quiet speech) They spoke in hushed tones at the table.see thesaurus at quiet
Examples from the Corpus
hushedEveryone in Club World looked all hushed and grateful to be there, but not Luke, who looked exhaustively displeased.A hushed congress heard the official declaration of war.Two men in dark suits were having a hushed conversation in the corner.Lately there had been too many hushed conversations and long telephone calls behind the doors of their London apartment.They returned two hours later, when the foreman addressed the hushed courtroom with their unanimous verdicts.The lights dim and hushed expectancy shudders through the packed house.Between each song, a chant pushes up like a hushed inhale, murmuring from a hesitant corner.They wait hushed, like the crowd before the soldiers, each waiting to see what the others will do.In the hushed surroundings of a smart restaurant, Boon fiddles enigmatically with a fob watch on a neck chain.She spoke in a hushed whisper, "I think my husband knows about us.''hushed tones/voice/whispers etcBusiness details, money, in hushed tones.But in between all these things something happens which is only spoken of in hushed whispers.The cars stopped and everyone got out, standing around in little groups, talking in hushed voices.Anyone who dares defend this breakthrough speaks in hushed tones, fearing crank calls and canceled grants.Sometimes, in hushed voices in the evenings, I heard my mum and the Quigleys talking about money.In the mess, speculation had buzzed about in hushed whispers, knowing, secretive nods.From the hushed tones of the conversations, I knew what was happening.We talk, using the hushed tones you would reserve for a furtive conversation in church.
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