Date: 1600-1700
Language: Dutch
Origin: husselen 'to shake'


1 verb
hus‧tle1 past tense and past participle hustled, present participle hustling
1 [transitive] to make someone move quickly, especially by pushing them roughly
hustle somebody into/out of/through etc something
I was hustled out of the building by a couple of security men.
hustle somebody away
He was hustled away by police officers.
2 [intransitive] American English to do something with a lot of energy and determination:
Cindy's not a great player, but she really hustles.
3 [intransitive] American English to hurry in doing something or going somewhere:
We need to hustle if we're going to make this flight.
4 [intransitive and transitive] American English to sell or obtain things in an illegal or dishonest way:
thieves hustling stolen goods on the street
5 [intransitive] American English informal to work as a prostitute, or to be in charge of prostitutes

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