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hutchhutch /hʌtʃ/ noun [countable]  1 TADLOa small wooden cage that small animals are kept in, especially rabbits2 American EnglishDHF a piece of furniture used for storing and showing dishes
Examples from the Corpus
hutchShe would find the fur within the nest warm and comfortable, reminding her of her own sleeping quarters in her hutch.A few hens pecked between the cobbles and rabbits scuffled in hutches along one of the dry-stone walls.Not a doghouse, not a rat trap, not a rabbit hutch... not anything, not yet.Mazelike rabbit hutches made their appearance in the patio or corral of many a Volunteer residence.She will make her nest in the sleeping quarters of the hutch where she will eventually have her litter.Pipe some icing down one short side of the hutch door and use to secure it to the hutch.Mould a little bird for the top of the hutch, if liked, from brown fondant trimmings.Inside are quirky old settees, painted chests and weathered wood hutches brimming with fragrant soaps and candles.
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