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hyenahy‧e‧na (also hyaena British English) /haɪˈiːnə/ noun [countable]  HBAa wild animal like a dog that makes a sound like a laugh
Examples from the Corpus
hyenaIt was as easy as killing a hyena.Look at singer Linda Hopper, quite literally hopping on the spot and grinning like a hyena in an amyl nitrate factory.I am out here alone, unprotected, only a thin piece of plastic-canvas away from lions, buffalo, leopards and hyena.Carrington's Self-Portrait of 1938-9 shows the artist seated in a room with a lactating hyena and a rocking horse.The name of the elected man, the Faesis, means hyena.No hyena wants to fight outside the pack.Because of its well-endowed female, Aristotle believed the spotted hyena to be a hermaphrodite.
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