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hymnhymn /hɪm/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 APMRa song of praise to God He liked to sing hymns as he worked.2 a hymn to something3 be singing from the same hymn book/sheet
Examples from the Corpus
hymna hymn bookThere were two organs in the Great Chamber and hymns were often sung.Even though they are momentarily looking at the same hymn book, they are singing different songs.He liked the hymns and ever afterwards admired the Congregational hymn book.This year, I am delighted that my hon. Friends have at least found the same page of the hymn book.We would play the hymns just the way we played here at the Helios.This hymn is full of symbolism.sing hymnsPrayer and worship and singing hymns - all silly and useless.The video also shows McCovery, eyes tightly closed, singing hymns in church or dripping wet after her baptism last August.Afterwards they had sung hymns in Hindi which were also about the flowing ocean of love.J., singing hymns and gospels with her family.Then, as the condemned man sang hymns with a chaplain, he bowed his head and wept.Every Masai sings hymns to cattle.At the foot of the Piccadilly Line escalator at Leicester Square a drunk man squatted, singing hymns.He liked to sing hymns as he worked his way up cliff faces.
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