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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhyperhy‧per /ˈhaɪpə $ -ər/ adjective informal  EXCITEDextremely excited or nervous about something No, don’t give Luke any candy – it’ll make him hyper.
Examples from the Corpus
hyperSometimes I can be hyper and sometimes I can be reserved, it just depends.Mitchell had forgotten she chattered a lot, this inflated gaiety, whenever she was hyper or high.The kids are really hyper today - I think I'm going to send them outside.Sometimes he gets so hyper you can't talk to him.
hyper-hyper- /haɪpə $ -pər/ prefix 1 VERYmore than usual, especially too much hypersensitive (=too sensitive) hyper-inflation a hyper-extended knee2 beyond the usual size or limits a hyperlink (=from one website to another)
Examples from the Corpus
hyper-hyperextensiona hyper-intelligent person
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