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hyphenhy‧phen /ˈhaɪfən/ ●●○ noun [countable]  SLAa short written or printed line (-) that joins words or syllablesdash
Examples from the Corpus
hyphenThe 2 parameters should be separated by a comma or a hyphen.Answer: a. Why: When creating an unusual adjective from other types of words, use a hyphen.Besides we were never very sure whether there was a hyphen in the word co-ordination.A hyphen is an acceptable alternative to a comma.Until late 1995, she had gone by an Anglicized hyphen name and had been a lifelong Republican.As you type, WordPerfect will automatically insert a soft hyphen where appropriate, without stopping for you to position the cursor.Use the soft hyphen in words which would not be hyphenated if they fell in the middle of a line.
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