Date: 1800-1900
Origin: hysteric 'hysterical' (17-20 centuries), from Latin hystericus, from Greek hystera ( HYSTERECTOMY); because it was believed hysteria was caused by the uterus


Related topics: Illness and Disability
hys‧te‧ri‧a [uncountable]
1 extreme excitement that makes people cry, laugh, shout etc in a way that is out of control:
In a fit of hysteria, Silvia blamed me for causing her father's death.
2 a situation in which a lot of people feel fear, anger, or excitement, which makes them behave in an unreasonable way:
Since the General's death, the population has been gripped by mass hysteria.
3 medicalMI a medical condition which upsets someone's emotions and makes them suddenly feel very nervous, excited, anxious etc

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