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I expect

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI expectI expectBritish English spokenAGREE used to introduce or agree with a statement that you think is probably true I expect you’re right. ‘Do you think they’re going to attack?’ ‘I expect so.’ expect
Examples from the Corpus
I expectHasn't Tony arrived yet? He'll be here soon, I expect.I had not asked him for anything, nor had I expected anything.With these memories, I expected Galway City, my destination, to be a hopeless, broken-down kind of place.But I expect it is the effects of expatriation.Gosh darn it, I expected it to be done.When I opened the frame I found, as I expected, that the drawing had been hinged with masking tape.But this team surprises me. I expect us to go out and play well.We had a sort of poet in this house once. I expect you'd think nothing to her.Yes, I expect you did have to give a lot for your house.I expect you're right.I expect your mother will be overjoyed when she hears you're having a baby.
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