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I forget

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI forgetI forgetFORGETused to say that you cannot remember a particular detail about somethingI forget what/where/how etc I forget what he said exactly but it was very rude.I forget the name/details etc I forget the name of the street, but it’s the first on the left. forget
Examples from the Corpus
I forget what/where/how etcHe said something - I forget what, but it was pretty clear he didn't trust me.A head of lettuce, a couple of potatoes, I forget what else.But at the time I was so excited by my good luck that I forgot what I owed to Joe.Soon I forgot what I used to think, so comparisons were hard.The first time I got outside I almost cried because it felt so good. I forgot what it felt like.I fired again, calm and yet so full of fear, so full of fear I forget how often I fired.He picked up some notes as well. I forget what they were for.Nothing, nothing, nothing. I forget how to make the words come out of my mouth.
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