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I guess

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI guessI guessspoken a) used to say that you think something is true or likely, although you are not sure His light’s on, so I guess he’s still up. b) used to say that you will do something even though you do not really want to I’m tired, so I guess I’ll stay home tonight. guess
Examples from the Corpus
I guessSlim was gone-to Montana, I guess.Well fifteen, half an hour and then a break, I guess.You could add something about the hurricane, I guess.Rob just got tired of living with her, I guess.They live somewhere between Saginaw and Lansing, I guess.I did not know the name, but I guessed at once who she was.His light's on, so I guess he's still up.I guess his dad had to work two jobs when they were little.I guess how each one I guess.I guess I'll stay home tonight.From the shape of its lights I guessed it was one of the small Peugeots."Is the truck safe to drive now?" "I guess so."I guess this is the best way to do it.I am weary. I guess you read one porno magazine and the second one is just the same.
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