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I hope not

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI hope notI hope notspoken used to say that you hope something that has been mentioned does not happen or is not true I don’t think I’m busy that day, or at least I hope not. hope
Examples from the Corpus
I hope not"Do you think she's lost?" "I hope not!""Will it rain any more?" "I hope not."I confess that I hoped not.A: I hope not a siege.Naturally I hope not, and the probability is that we're exercising ourselves over nothing.I hope not because Britain is essentially a decent place to take refuge and find acceptance.I hope not, because I can't see it myself.Red for good luck, and I hoped not for blood.My constituents who are in prison - I hope not for too long - are becoming increasingly disaffected."I promise I won't do it again." "I certainly hope not, " replied her mother.
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