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I’ll warrant (you)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI’ll warrant (you)I’ll warrant (you)old-fashionedSURE used to tell someone that you are sure about somethingwarrant (that) I’ll warrant we won’t see him again. warrant
Examples from the Corpus
warrant (that)Sir John Winter, another forest landowner and ironmaster, was fined £20,000 for taking wood without warrant.The object is to gather enough evidence and sift through all the forensics information needed to write an acceptable arrest warrant.This truth is revealed in a style totally lacking in rancor or hyperbole, both of which would often be warranted.Of those, 200 or so are significant or sizable enough to warrant a name.The crucial point is that such expressions should be warranted by conceptual and communicative purposes recognized as having point in classroom activity.As he passed the bar he briefly held up what Lucy assumed must be his warrant card.Nevertheless, I do not accept that his pessimism is warranted in Britain.But Bill assumes a lot if he thinks it is going to warrant more than a footnote.
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